Is Failure holding you back?

Morning to everyone ! Have you gone through phase call FAILURE, right? Everyone has. Some from very start and some after tasting success on their tongues for too long. It becomes hard when you have tasted success on your tongue for so long and then you taste bitter. Even after you wash your mouth with [...]


Some people who are too near to us,Grow apart due to conflicts and misunderstandings.It's like from your tree of life,The person is a green leaflet,Turning yellowish as day grows by.The way the tree take all the given nutrients,You shut that person and just replay the events,Happy and sad, laughs and cries,You hope for that leaf [...]

Shades of Grey

With every slip of time, I want to slip behind more and more, I don't want to wake up and want to sit crawling under my skin, the harsh realities I don't want to think. My rational and irrational thoughts are tearing my soul apart. Every passing second is where the thought passes. Am I [...]

Why I never liked rains?

I never liked rains, There was something weird.I never liked when the lightening strikes first and thunder next, isn't they both started for the same purpose laying ahead. The sky turns thousand shades of grey, It doesn't mean I don't like grey, I wear grey t-shirt loose and can wear till it doesn't tear, but [...]